8 comments on “Conversations With Myself – A Masterpiece?

  1. Yes, an undoubted masterpiece. The closest analog I can think of is Hume’s “Dialogues concerning natural religion”—a remarkable mind in conversation with itself.

  2. …”There were some that thought this sacrilege and an impure art as it was impossible to recreate in concert”…sacrilege for me is saying it’s not a masterpiece…and who said that art would be impure if it couldn’t be recreated live in concert ?…

  3. This recording represented a groundbreaking concept in 1964, and few if any other pianists could have pulled it off. Bill later recorded “Further Conversations with Myself,” and “New Conversations.” The breathtaking arrangements and playing on the latter make it my personal favorite.

  4. While I am a huge Bill Evans fan, I had a hard time with repeated listens to this album. I found it too busy and often times cluttered. That being said, there were some great moments here. I think that I will persist with it, as I like the concept and feel I haven’t tapped into how good this really is yet.

  5. Don be doin’ so much sloggin’ in the bl0ggin’; rather open your ears as well as you can and take great apportionments of time tolisten listen listen! If this is a bit much and even if not give “Left to Right ” a go. Unique, I believe.

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