2 comments on “The Commodore Record Shop, New York City

  1. I’m mike, came across 500 real2reals of old jazz, 1930-1970 stuff.poster covers with sheet music inside al Jolson, east side street, so much..letter asking where is the Elvis pictures you sent on letter head
    These came from a producer and song writer, he died up the street from me, it was all going to the dump..there are letters of corresponce with major record labels.. Original music sheets of Elvis,
    ,I’m just starting to go through it all. Stuff I have no idea , but it’s stuff between recording studios about
    Arrest and there music sheets that are original,, red marks showing changes, my god hundreds of reals,..are you interested in them. I’m going to bu a rtr and start listing,, this is a treasure..
    Loe cruthers brother was the song writer for . Well get back and I’ll post who who.

  2. This stuff is sheet music from the 30’s.,, bob hope / Lucy, music of stage plays for piano
    I’ll photo it all and log the stuff, you tell me if you interested, this guy had a recording studio
    Robert f bertram

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