10 comments on “Remembering Wes Montgomery on the day of his birth

  1. Wes was my idol. He was one of the nicest and most humble music giants I’ve ever met. In person, Wes would play “impossible” stuff on the guitar. He was a true master of the guitar and was kind enough to give me advice and guidance. I will always be thankful and indebted to Wes Montgomery.

  2. Nice Guy nice musician and i loved her music until the year 1975…also with her friend wes Montgomery …:) go go go on ….baby ´s

  3. J’ai découvert Wes il y a 30. J’avais 20 ans et je venais de découvrir pat metheny qui parlait de Wes comme une grande influence. Depuis ce jour, je considère Wes Montgomery comme le plus grand guitariste de jazz. Merci de m’avoir ouvert tant de portes. Sa musique restera éternelle

  4. My now deceased 15 year old son’s first jazz guitar idol and inspiration. I hope they are playing music together!

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