4 comments on “Charlie Parker RIP

  1. As a life long Alto Sax player, and self taught jazz piano and or keyboards, Charlie Parker’s gift was so immense, given not just total virtuosic mastery, agility, all over his horn, but the Lyrical romance, and heart felt story telling on his ballads, with those magnificent double double time fills, and of course the revolutionary quarter note = 300, 5 beats per second on songs like Ko Ko, and Shaw Nuff. Antrhopology. Lastly his soulful blues-iness steeped in the Count Basie Big Band sound growing up in Kansas, City. To this day, I am always amazed how fresh and exciting, hearing his recordings, turn on a dime, asymetrical phrazing, rhythmic propulsion. I love Bird. I haven’t heard anyone better, other cats sound too technical or something, without the intense passionate soul stirring lyrical imagination. Amen RIP Bird! Bird Lives!

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