8 comments on “Lester Young (27 August 1909 – 15 March 1959) & His Last recording.

    • Franz, it was a typo, we know when he was born, but sometimes the fingers do not work as fast as the brain does… thank you for pointing it out, the first to do so. Others will have just thought us stupid!

  1. Thank you. I own the Verve collection and it’s amazing!!! 55 years ago, the world lost a majestic presence, whose indelible spirit remains in my heart, every single day.

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  3. Regarding what and how we communicate. A couple of days ago I interviewed Monica Getz about Lester for a film I’ve been developing on Pres. She told me about while touring with Stan she would ride with /Lester on the bus. She asked Pres about Lady Day. She said he took a moment and responded….”sweet pain.” A two word description of his feelings that reflected his own poignant existential condition.

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