7 comments on “Rediscovered Records – Wes Montgomery – Bumpin’ (1965)

  1. Bumpin’ is in my top three favorite jazz albums ever, along with Coltrane’s My favorite things and Miles’ In a silent way. Bumpin’ is hands down my favorite track from Wes. I have it on vinyl, nothing sounds better.

  2. My favorite Wes albums are: Moving Wes – (the best guitar version of Caravan I’ve every heard.) Smoking at the Half Note and the Dynamic Duo – Wes. & Jimmy Smith.

    I was fortunate to have heard Wes in person numerous times. Wes did “impossible” stuff on the guitar in person. He was in a league all my himself!

    All of his stuff is good.

    • Hi Darrell, it’s March 16th according to all the discographies. Looks like someone in writing the notes read MAR as MAY.

      Wes Montgomery With Don Sebesky Orchestra
      Arnold Eidus, Lewis Eley, Paul Gershman, Louis Haber, Julius Held, Harry Lookofsky, Jos Malignaggi, Gene Orloff, Sol Shapiro (violin) Harold Coletta, Dave Schwartz (viola) Charles McCracken, George Ricci (cello) Margaret Ross (harp) Roger Kellaway (piano) Wes Montgomery (guitar) Bob Cranshaw (bass) Grady Tate (drums) Candido (bongos, congas) Don Sebesky (arranger, conductor)

      Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, March 16, 1965

      65VK307 Musty Verve V/V6 8625, 2V6S 8813, V3HB 8839
      65VK308 Just Walkin’ Verve V6 8804, 314 539 062-2
      – Just Walkin’ (alt. take) Verve 314 539 062-2
      65VK309 Here’s That Rainy Day Verve V/V6 8625, 2V6S 8813, V3HB 8839

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